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Montana High Country
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Horseback Riding in the Montana High Country

A visit to Montana is not complete without a horseback ride.  Guests have the choice of a leisure ride on our ranch, an easy trail ride into the scenic Pioneer Mountains or an extended horse pack trip into the pristine back country where scores of mountain lakes, abundant trout, lots of wildlife and scenic vistas you will never forget await you! Our Guest Ranch is located in the heart of cattle country, so of course we offer Cattle Drives as well.

All of our horseback rides begin with our wranglers assessing your riding ability and matching you to the perfect horse. Our horses are trail wise and gentle; they are working horses used for tending to daily chores in cattle country.

These half day or full day leisure rides take place on our ranch in the upper Grasshopper Valley. The scenic backdrops from our ranch are the Pioneer Mountains that tower up to 11,000-foot elevation. While riding on the ranch you might see elk, deer, antelope or moose.

Day rides begin from either our ranch or one of the many trailheads on the National Forest that are only minutes from the ranch.Trail rides can be as easy or challenging as you prefer. You decide if you want to stop and do some fishing along the way, or just ride.

Ride into Montana’s pristine backcountry where scores of wilderness lakes, abundant trout and lots of wildlife await you. There is nothing quite like a mountain sunrise or sunset from one of our scenic vistas. Our trail wise and gentle horses, comfortable wilderness camps and experienced wranglers all help to make this a very memorable trip. Let us know what you want; we can easily gear the pack trip toward more riding or more fishing if you so desire. You bring your sleeping bag and personal gear; we take care of the rest. We offer flexible itineraries to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Our ranch is cradled between the East and West Pioneer Mountain Ranges. It has breathtaking panoramic views of both the Grasshopper Valley and the snow capped peaks in every direction you look. As licensed outfitters we are able to offer our guests one of the finest guest ranch vacations in the west. Our lodge offers you the ultimate in modern comfort yet fashions itself after the Old West cowboy life style and hospitality. 

Activities include a mix of riding horses, tending cattle, hiking, trout fishing in our private ponds or nearby blue ribbon trout streams, river rafting, digging for amethyst crystals, swimming at nearby hot springs or a visit to the ghost town of Bannack, Montana’s territorial capital.

You are invited to participate in one of the WEST’S REAL CATTLE DRIVES! Trail cattle on the same routes that have been used for over 100 years by the ranchers that homesteaded this country. We are located in the Grasshopper Valley in Southwest Montana where history runs deep and the cattle ranch has been a way of life for over a century.

We offer three different Cattle Drives throughout the summer and into the fall. Our Main Drive takes place the last week of June every year. Cattle are moved from their winter home in the valley to the high mountain pastures for the summer. During the summer months we offer Short Drives every week. This is more of the daily tending of cattle, moving them to and from water and grazing areas both on the ranch and in the high country. Lots of riding, great scenery, a cowboy’s dream! The Fall Gathering takes place the last week of September and first few days of October. Cattle are gathered from their high country summer pastures and trailed back down to the valley ranches. Cool, crisp mornings and the sound of bugling elk give way to a warm fall day and the task of gathering and moving cattle back home for the winter.

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